Manchester Orchestra - "Virgin"

Photoshop After Effects

Sole VFX artist on independently made music video for "Virgin" by Manchester Orchestra (Dir. Ben Disinger).
On "Virgin" my skills were tested mentally and physically with compositing, eye replacement, 3D camera movements, manual motion tracking, animation of static images, and other surreal effects.

As a result, the video has done exceptionally well garnering numerous awards, over two million views and picking up airtime on MTV, MTVU, Fuse, VH1, and the like.

Someday, You'll Remember Today

Photoshop After Effects

Sole VFX artist on independently made short film, "Someday, You'll Remember Today" (Dir. Ben Disinger). As the only VFX artist, I was tasked with floating object creation (not 3D), rig removal, multiple layer compositing, animation of still images, rotoscoping, cracking the picture frame, digital makeup corrections and other effects.

Someday, You'll Remember Today was nominated for best visual effects at Maverick Movie Awards 2012.

This Wild Life - "Over It"

Photoshop After Effects

Sole VFX artist for "Over It" by This Wild Life (Dir. Ben Disinger).
Our goal for "Over It" was to create a seamless music video that appeared to have no cuts.

My challenge was to mix, composite and line up different parts from shots into one shot that could be used to transition seamlessly to the next. I was also tasked with head replacements, a few paint-outs and transitioning through the floor.

Hammock - "Glossolalia"

After Effects

Sole VFX artist on independently made music video for "Glossolalia" by Hammock (Dir. Ben Disinger).

Spur of the moment, made entirely in three days while moving across the US to California.
My objective was to create realistic lightning and to add a few water lines on the girl's face.

Linkin Park RECHARGED + LIVING THINGS Deluxe Box Set - Official Unboxing

Photoshop After Effects

Created by Benjamin Disinger and Bogdan Ciornei.

We built the studio, shot and finalized the video over the course of three days.
I was tasked with acting, set-extension, dust-busting and the ending text animation.


Photoshop After Effects

Lead VFX artist on independently made short film, "DUST" (Dir. Ben Disinger).
In progress...
My challenges were turning winter into spring for all shots with windows, painting out the neighborhood for the outside backyard shots, stopping the clock/starting the clock, dust-busting, paint-outs, removing reflections, painting out dollies, removing black tape on the ceiling, head replacements, TV replacements, compositing the actor as he fades into dust, compositing the 3D plane shots and much more.


Photoshop After Effects

Astrocyte is a conceptual social music generator that combines Microsoft Kinect, Adobe Flash, Ableton Live, and projection technologies for an immersive, intuitive music creation experience.

We aimed to create a way for people without a creative outlet to make something awesome, without the intensive and time consuming training and practice that creative pursuits often require.


Photoshop After Effects

Motion graphic piece created for my Dynamic Information Design class.

The goal was to create an interactive timeline that explained our topic. My topic was UFO abductions and what better way to explain it than submerging your audience into an incubation chamber.


Photoshop After Effects

The goal was to create a pleasing data visualization about infection rates around the world. I decided to design around an abstracted petri glass.


Photoshop After Effects

The objective of this project was to re-design the original built-in navigation system for Range Rover which lacked consistency, simplicity and common sense.